(SoloMath RTB)

The accuracy of Ads delivery

The smart real-time bidding for Demand partners


(SoloMath for publisher)

Maximize the revenue with higher eCPM

Monetize your traffic with Global demand partners


(SoloMath ADX)

The trustful Traffic Marketplace

Monitoring the DSP and SSP data

SoloAware AI engine

The adcanced AI algorithm models makes Integration and Monetization more efficient

Huge data

  • Covered more than one billion devices
  • Connected to 1000+ demand partners
  • 100+ million DAU of SDK
  • Reached 300 million users
  • Generated 4 billion logs per day

Multidimensional perspective

  • Users’ basic properties
  • purchasing ability
  • behavior characteristics
  • social network
  • Thousands of users tag

Brand Safe

  • SoloAware AI engine
  • Dynamic and static users data
  • Created user profile model
  • Established user persona system
  • Recommended based on dynamic scene

Fine analysis management

  • subtilized index: fill rate, click trate and so on
  • subtilized traffic distribution
  • subtilized Ad monitor
  • subtilized data
  • subtilized algorithm model

Our Patners

What they say

“As a long-term partner of, SoloMath can provide the highest-quality traffic and theintergration service in our period of globalization.”


“The one-stop interation platform of SoloMath helps us to save more than 25% cost.”


“ Our ROI is higher than the industry average after the long-term cooperation with SoloMath which helps us to save up to 20% cost. ”


“The SoloMath is a trustworthy partner, and gives us a higher fill rate and eCPM.”


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