Maximize the revenue with higher eCPM.

Monetize your traffic with Global demand partners

Various types of Demand partners

Meet global demand partners with SoloMath SFP.

Precise Ad-matching

The best way to maximize your traffic is to match the proper buyer.We analyze your traffic in advance and start to match the buyers who really interested in your traffic right away after the integration.

Efficient Pricing model

The users’ behavior can be different per buyers. We identify and classify the user based on their action and apply the flexible pricing model. With our efficient pricing model, you can maximize your revenue.

Easy to integrate

As a developer, for the developers.We understand your pain points better than anyone else. You can finish the integration easily with us via SDK or JS tags.

Ad quality control

We control the ad quality strictly.With our own SDK, we record the key information randomly. We scan the ad quality based on this 1st party information. You don’t need to worry about the bad quality ad. We can protect your brand safely with our real-time control system.

A-Z management service

We guide all process smoothly and cover A to Z. All accounts are managed carefully by SoloMath experts hence you can see the good result as you expected.

Programmatic Advertising

Buy and sell the traffic automatically

Rich advertising forms

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