The truthful traffic Marketplace

We want to be a strong bridge between Demand and Supply partners. Monitor the DSP and SSP data


Various types of integration

We support the full standard of OpenRTB, PMP, PDB integration.

Advanced technology – AI and Big Data

We handle big data based on the algorithms and manage it based on the request and usage.

Managing traffic based on the quality

We manage our traffic with a grading system which made by our own algorithm. We keep examining and investigating our traffic pool to deliver the clean, truthful traffic to our buyers.

Dynamic tag recognition and correction

Through our own DMP solution, we own tons of users data and keep correcting the new user’s data. We do the Data mining for gathered user information and develop it with a Machine learning algorithm. Based on our advanced technology, we can respond with any dynamic ad request.

Reach target audiences

We predict users’ behavior based on their previous actions. It allows us to reach the target audiences so we can deliver the high performance to both parties.

Anti-Fraud system

We detect Fraud traffic based on the user’s pattern and device reputation, proxy, IP and so on. We analyze the gathered data and reflect it to our own grading system. With this data, eventually, we eliminate the fraud traffic and protect our partners.

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