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Solo Math
Ad Exchange

Based on OpenRTB, using CPM as the pricing model, it is an automated marketplace for ad deliveries connecting not only SSPs and DSPs, but also other ad exchanges. Advertising and monetization happen in milliseconds.

Solo Math

It is a performance-based ad network aggregating ad campaigns from advertisers, evaluating such campaigns through previous performance calculated by our Solo Aware AI technologies. It helps advertisers to increase the efficiency of user acquisition and improve ROI.

Solo Math
For Publisher

It is the supply side platform of Solo Math, allowing publishers to sell ad space and access advertising demand on ad exchanges and networks including our proprietary SAX and SP through SDK or API integration. As a result, publishers can realize profits in a short time.

Solo Math

It is a DSP providing accurate user acquisition and brand marketing services. By selecting optimized ad, analyzing revenue value of different channels and purchasing high-quality ad inventory automatically, we offer customized ad design and integration solutions for advertisers to achieve better marketing results.

Global Data Distribution

280 million
DAU on advertising platform

1.82 million
apps monetized by Solo Math

Nearly 1 billion
users of our propriatary apps

What Our Partners Say

- -

“As a long-term partner of, Solo Math provides the highest quality traffic and integration service in our globalisation.”

- Hero Entertainment -

 “The one-step interaction platform of Solo Math helps us save more than 25% cost.”

-  Amber Weather  -

“Solo Math” is our most trustworthy partner, providing us with higher fill rates and eCPM”




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